SymbolLink for Speedcommander

Speedcommander is a dual panel file manager.

SymbolLink is a small win32 application to make Speedcommander creating symbol link easier for vista and win7.
<span style="color: #ff6600;">symbollink [source] link</span>
If the ‘source’ is absent, it will delete the link.

How to add into Speedcommander:

  1. New a custom tool (User tool) in Speedcommander for SymbolLink.exe
  2. Set ‘$(ActSel) $(InactDir)’ as its parameter
  3. Select a folder or a file in the active panel
  4. Run the tool, it will create a symbol link for the selected one in the inactive panel
  5. Select a symbol link in the active panel and run the tool, it will remove the link.
    Download: SymbolLink, source code