I am dedicated to developing small, fast, easy-to-use software for Android, iOS, Windows, macOS and Linux.

Feel free to send me email if you have any questions about using the produces.

Email: williamx at deskangel.com



  • DaRemote: A dashboard of Linux resources and a SSH/SFTP client with scripts manager inside.
  • P.Diary: A personal diary application to record your daily thoughts, mood, experiences, etc.
  • DaShare: Share files via http protocol, simple and easy-to-use.
  • DaTask - Apps on Google Play: Convenient and concise creation and nesting of tasks, subtasks and modification the ownership of any task.


  • AdjBrightness: adjust screen brightness in the range from 2 ~ 255. It can lock the brightness if you do not want it to be changed by other cases.
  • Dacalc: A formular calculator which can be used to calculate like tips, tax and so on.
  • DaysandDate: An application to calculate days between tow dates and vice versa.


  • DaFileShare: Share files via http protocol, simple and easy-to-use.
  • DaClipbd: A clipboard history application.


  • DeskAngel: A powerful tool to help with daily works by expanding the mouse and keyboard functions.
  • Oolauncher: Takes over and arranges for applications launching at Windows startup.
  • MiniRun: A handy tool to start application from keyboard.
  • Capslock: Display the Caps Lock status in Windows system notification area.
  • Wsizer: Designed to move and resize windows on Desktop just by keyboard.
  • MiniHex: A fast hex edit to handle huge files.