DaShare, A File Share App on Android


DaShare is a simple file sharing tool for local area networks. It is easy to use, requiring only a browser for the recipient to download the file.

Steps for sharing a file:

  1. Open the file in the app you want to share it from, and then select the ‘Share’ option.
  2. From the list of sharing options, select ‘DaShare’
  3. In DaShare, click “Start sharing” to generate an HTTP address and a QR code for the file.
  4. The recipient scans the QR code or enters the HTTP address in their browser.
    5 The file is downloaded to the recipient’s device.
Share a file

v1.2.0 version

The v1.2.0 version adds the following new features:

  1. Support for scanning QR codes in app, makes it easier for browsers without built-in scanning capabilities to use.
  2. The original file name is now displayed to the recipient, allowing them to save the file with the correct name.

Future versions

Text sharing is planned..

Download address: DaShare: File share – Apps on Google Play
Open source code: GitHub - deskangel/DaShare: Android version for DaFileShare