Using fingerprint authentication to enter sudo password, Simplify input, enhance security

Using fingerprint authentication to enter sudo password: Simplify input, enhance security

While maintaining system security, DaRemote now introduces its latest feature: system fingerprint authentication for sudo password input! Say goodbye to the hassle of password memorization and keyboard input.

Feel free to use complex passwords to enhance security, as fingerprint authentication will help you effortlessly enter passwords.

Steps to enable the function:

  1. Set sudo password on the Server Config page.
  2. Enable the Use biometric option.
  3. Set the Sudo prompt pattern, which is the text displayed on the next line under the sudo command in the terminal.
    For most Linux distributions, you can keep the default setting without modification.
  4. Save settings.

In addition to fingerprint, it also supports other methods such as facial recognition.

Update to v4.3.0 now to experience this feature!”