Ubuntu 24.04 容器安装 vim

在 Ubuntu 24.04 容器中安装 vim 时出现下面的错误:

debconf: unable to initialize frontend: Dialog
debconf: (No usable dialog-like program is installed, so the dialog based frontend cannot be used. at /usr/share/perl5/Debconf/FrontEnd/Dialog.pm line 79.)
debconf: falling back to frontend: Readline
debconf: unable to initialize frontend: Readline
debconf: (Can’t locate Term/ReadLine.pm in @INC (you may need to install the Term::ReadLine module) (@INC entries checked: /etc/perl /usr/local/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/perl/5.38.2 /

ChatGPT 说需要:

sudo apt install perl cpanminus
sudo cpanm Term::ReadLine

llama3-8b on Groq说:

apt install libterm-readline-gnu-perl